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Joshua Zaleski demonstrates his "Sweepinator 3000" for a visitor.Keith Barber shows off his "Rooster" prototype. Keith won 3rd Place in the Simple Machines category"Luis on Wheels" was made by Luis Roman as a mobile organizer for kids.Ellie Horan takes a break from the competition and uses "Ellie's First Class Lever" as a resting spot.Leah Olacio enthusiastically explains her "Pet Organizer" and is photographed by a visitor. Leah won 3rd Place in the Most Practical for Pets category.Alex Heambye wears his "Phone Holder 3000" alongside his classmate Braden DacriKaitlyn Callahan shows how "The Safety Car" will only operate if all seatbelts are buckled. Kaitlyn won 2nd Place in Most Practical for Adults category."The Road Walker" a portable book holder is worn by Nolan Caruso.Paige Stewart shows off her "Leaf Scooper" for the press."The Baby Buffer" a baby powered cleaning device is displayed by Anthony Mattress.Allison Frost holds up her "Go Go Snow" tool for use on minivans.

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