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The initial jump ball was secured by the faculty - probably an omen. But, can't they be disqualified for having two #20's?A shot by Mike Jankowski is definitively stuffed by Steve Brutus.Junior Dave Howarth puts up the students' first points of the game, a three.Lots of eyes on the basket to see if Brutus' shot went in.The ever expressive Ryan Kozlowski fouls from behind.Evan Cristy puts a little pressure on Tyler Galicia as he dribbles towards the paint.Mike Niedzwiecki lays up 2 points. Looks like he's done this a couple of times before.Andy Niedzwiecki tries to block a Mike Thomas pass.DJ Scavone jumps past Steve Brutus for 2 points.Steve Brutus, Willis Martinez and Dave Roy compete for a rebound.And Steve Brutus wins.Will Greelish takes a jump shot from three point land.Not sure why, but Nick Arnold blocks his own teammate.

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