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Alice in WonderlandAHS FootlooseAll Town Band 2014Festival of Arts 2014Beauty & the BeastEnd of Year Band Concert, 2014PappasConcert.14.6.12AHS Alumni Band Concert June 15, 2014PRC.Branded.14.6.26Elvis.14.7.17WillyWonka.14.7.19Silverbacks.14.7.24School House Rock RehearsalsSchool House Rock. 14.7.31FAME.Stardust.14.8.19Christmas VillageLegally Blonde.15.4.27Legally Blonde.15.4.29TheSoundofMusic.15.1TheSoundofMusic.15.2Legally Blonde.1ACP.Shrek. TrainLeduc.Trip.2014WMRR.Show.16.2.28AHS.Seussical.16.Part 1PeterPan.TechWeekAHS.Seussical.16.Part 2AMS.Peter Pan.Part 1AMS.Peter Pan.Part 2Little Mermaid.1Little Mermaid.2Hancock Shaker VillageLes Miserables - Slideshow 1Les Miserables - Slideshow 2Les Miserables - Slideshow 3Tundalao & Prince Key - Slideshow 1Tundalao & Prince Key - Slideshow 2TAMY Awards May 21, 2017