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Fall Festival 2014Auburn Mall Easter Bunny 2014Worcester Tree Initiative 14-0427Pakachoag Easter Egg HuntAuburn Police Assn 5K 2014Boston Post Cane Presentation May 4, 201417th Annual Two Nations Pow WowRotary Scholarship Breakfast 14_0504Civil War Monument Rededication May 15, 2014Auburn Memorial Day Ceremony May 26, 2014Auburn Memorial Day Parade May 26 2014Bike Safety Day At Auburn-Webster ElksAuburn Independence Day Celebration 2014Household Waste Day.14Moore.IcecreamSocial.14.8.18Relay for Life 090514Boston Post Cane 9-16-14Animal Adventures 14-0919AYFS Annual Mtg. 14.10.1Pumpkin Patch 2014Touch a Truck.14.9.20Ataxia.14.9.20Haunted House 14-1026Spring Finally ArrivesAUB.4th.CeremonyJack-O-Lantern Spectacular 10-14Sen Moore Annual Turkey Dinner 11-17-2014Auburn Tree Lighting.14Rec and Culture Craft Fair 2014Light Up Auburn 2014Gingerbread Castle Dec 2014Santa Montessori Dec 17 2014SantaTour.12.20.14Great Christmas Giveaway 12.13.14RileyAward.15.1.25Dancing With the Stars 2015 Part 1Dancing With the Stars 2015 Part 2Train Show 2015Diaper Derby 2-21-15Snowbox Derby.15.3.1Sen.Moore.St.Pats.Dinner.15AubMall.EasterBunny.15.3.14Singeltary Fish Stocking April 24, 2015Life Care Arbor Day April 24, 2015PowWow.15.5.2Town Cleanup 05-02-15Memorial Day Parade 25-May-15Brownies Flag Day May 4, 2015Cat Show.15.5.31PRC.Playground.15.7.2AUB.4th.2015Army Band 15.7.9Elvis.15.7.16NWTF.WIO.15.7.25Pirates4Peace.15.7.23Spirit of ' Sept 27, 2015PumpkinPatch.15.10.3AYFS.15.10.7Tch Trk 09-26-15Klepto5k.15.10.18Habitat 10_27_15Riley Award.15.11.25Tree Lighting 2015Animal Compound 15.12.6AFD.SantaTour.15.12.19DWTS.16.2Pakachoag Acres.16.3.12Special Olympics.16.3.12-13APA.5K.16PAK.Golf.Reopen.16.5.6Chief Belhumeur Funeral.16.5.27Auburn Vigil.16.5.25Habitat 052116BIke Giveaway 06_11_16Relay 06_10_16Independence Day 07_02_16Women in the Outdoors July 31 2016AHS.FB.TopCop.19.9.8AYFS Rocket Race Sept 11, 2016AYFS.Awards.2016Brodeur.Klepto5K.16Riley Award Nov. 23, 2016AUB.XMAS.Tree.16AUB.Holiday Craft Fair.16AFRD.Santa Tour.16DancingWithTheStars.17Scouts_Box_Sled_02_11_17WMRR.Show.17Farmer's Market.17.6.25Auburn 4th.2017